What percentage of people in the UK gamble

Understanding Gambling Trends in the UK

Gambling has long been ingrained in the culture of the United Kingdom, with a rich history spanning centuries. According to the UK Gambling Commission’s Gambling Participation in 2019 report, approximately 46% of people aged 16 and over in Great Britain participated in some form of gambling in the past four weeks. This figure includes various forms of gambling such as betting on sports, playing the lottery, casino games, and other forms of gambling. In this article, we delve into the statistics to understand the percentage of people who engage in various forms of gambling in the UK, including sports betting, casino gaming, bingo, and lotteries.

What Percentage of People Bet on Sports in the UK?

Sports betting holds a prominent position in the UK gambling landscape, with millions of punters wagering on their favourite sports events. According to recent data, approximately 14% of adults in the UK participate in sports betting. The accessibility of online platforms and the popularity of major sporting events such as football, horse racing, and tennis contribute to the widespread appeal of sports betting.

What Percentage of People Bet in Casinos in the UK?

Casino gaming encompasses a wide range of activities, including table games, slot machines, and online casinos. In the UK, casino gambling attracts a significant portion of the population, with around 12% of adults engaging in casino games. The allure of the casino atmosphere, coupled with the convenience of online platforms, makes casino gaming a popular choice for entertainment and potential winnings.

What Percentage of People Play Bingo in the UK?

Bingo remains a beloved pastime in the UK, appealing to a diverse demographic of players. Whether in traditional bingo halls or online platforms, the game continues to captivate audiences. Recent statistics indicate that approximately 6% of adults in the UK participate in bingo. The social aspect of the game, along with the excitement of winning, contributes to its enduring popularity.

What Percentage of People Play the Lottery in the UK?

Lotteries offer a chance for individuals to dream big and potentially win life-changing sums of money. In the UK, the National Lottery took the country by storm, with various draws and games available to players. A staggering 46% of adults in the UK participate in lotteries, making it one of the most widely enjoyed forms of gambling. The accessibility of lottery tickets and the charitable contributions generated by lottery revenue contribute to its widespread acceptance.


The UK gambling landscape is characterised by a diverse array of activities, catering to different preferences and interests. From sports betting to casino gaming, bingo, and lotteries, there is something for everyone. Understanding the percentage of people who engage in each form of gambling provides valuable insights into consumer behaviour and preferences. the landscape of gambling in the UK has evolved significantly since the turn of the millennium, with participation rates experiencing an overall increase. Factors such as the liberalisation of gambling laws, the rise of online platforms, and the popularity of the National Lottery have all contributed to this upward trend.

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